I’ve been on Cardio Renew for 6 days and can hardly believe the improvements!! I was skeptical the day we ordered the product but having given up everything I enjoyed doing due to physical issues it was time to do something! I told my family that I wanted to try an alternative approach as it would only mean 6 weeks then I would agree to surgery if this did not work. It makes sense that blockages occur all over the body not just one area.

In 6 days the foggy thinking is going away (the worst of all of this) and I “feel” like doing things again. I can plan on a future different than the one my parents have (being on 20 different meds a day to control their health issues). Thank you for making this product available and giving me what I need to get my life back. P.S. I have noticed, improved breathing, less muscle pain, my arthritis is not bothering me as it was, the circles under my eyes are all but gone, I need fewer naps, I think more clearly without 2nd guessing every decision, the bruise like pain along the deep varicose veins in my legs is gone, my skin color is better, I can even play with my dog again. I’m looking forward to completing this program and optimistic about my life again.
Polly S.