You may remember that I recently completed my first foundation program, with good results, and was very pleased. I sent you an email at the time indicating that. I also said that even though I hadn’t gotten the “miraculous” results I had found in some of your testimonials I was quite pleased. Well, the results I got may well have been much more miraculous than I at first realised. I believe I said that my wife had told me my color was better afterward; what she didn’t tell me was that I had gone from what she now calls a death pallor to something akin to normalcy!

She says that in her opinion I had been rapidly weakening and she had begun wondering if I just wasn’t going to wake up one morning. She didn’t share those thoughts with me until just the other day. So, thanks for giving me my life back. That’s clearly enough of a miracle for me! I just thought you should know.
Bill B.