Hi! I just got the results of my nuclear stress test (first one since my three stents were put in last year), and not only did I achieve 150% of the predicted exercise capacity for my age and have no chest pain at peak exercise, the imaging showed “no evidence of ischemia or scar.” That last was underlined by my cardiologist with an exclamation point after. In other words, my heart is clear of blockage.

So…when the doctor gets around to asking me what I’m doing that my heart is in such fine condition, I’m going to tell her about Cardio Renew. I’ve kept my mouth shut before because I was pretty certain they’d tell me not to take it. You know how doctors can get….if it’s cheap and it works and makes you all better without any expensive interventions on their part, it’s a no-no. However, I decided when the chest pains came back after the stents were installed that I needed to do something myself. That’s when I found your website and ordered my first batch of Cardio Renew. I’m on a maintenance dose now of 20 drops once or twice a day. I keep up with my Vitamins C and E, and so far, so good! Thanks a million for all your replies to my questions, also. The doctors should be so quick to respond! I feel really lucky to have found you!!
Mary C.