I went to my doctor who referred me to a heart specialist. I went in for a series of tests, which the physician did not share the results of, saying that I needed to be set up for an angiogram with the potential for angioplasty should a problem be found. I told him I’d read about EDTA, wanted to try it, he poo-pooed the idea and said surgery was necessary. Do that to me and I immediately launch into my “I’ll try it anyway before I do anything” mode. Knowing that roughly 1/4 million of these surgeries are performed each year unnecessarily, I tried the Cardio Renew with the promise to my family that if I didn’t feel better, I’d have the surgery done.

I got on the 6 week regimen and after the first week, my symptoms started to abate. I was pleased and cautious at the same time. I began to feel better and better. After the initial 6 weeks passed, I merrily went to another cardiologist for a second opinion. I told him I’d taken the Cardio Renew, I didn’t want surgery. He did not poo-poo EDTA, and put me through a barrage of tests again. Results were that he saw no signs of blockage at all, found that enough blood was getting to my heart, for someone my age, and turned me loose! I went to my car and cried for joy.

I thank you for making this wonderful product available to the general public… and I thank you from a clear heart! Blessings.

Marian S