I have been on Cardio Renew for 5 days and I want to say to the skeptics that this really works, at first I was thinking is this another one of those scams, but I kept on taking the product and my legs feel great, each day I walk a little better, also I notice I sleep better at night each night I wake up a little less. Then on the fourth night I was amazed I slept 8 hours with out waking up and sitting on the side of my bed due to leg pains or stiffness. I can’t wait now for each day to come to see how I will feel.

I found I had to take twelve drops each time instead of 14, and I had to space the time I took it further apart like 3-4 hours in between, but this stuff is great! I wanted to say also my breathing is clearer, my lung congestion is gone in 5 days, also I walk so fast now, I have to slow down. I use to limp out of my house up a few stairs to my car, but now I feel like running, I am so happy you will hear from me often. Again Thanks to Jehovah God first, then to Cardio Renew!!!!!
Glenda C.