I just wanted to let you know that I think your product is great. I had a stress test about 4 years ago and my doctor said then that there was a small place that showed some blockage up by my heart but he wasn’t real concerned about it at that time. I was having some pains in my chests this year again so we did another stress test and now it was showing more blockage, so now he wanted to do a heart cath. I told him I would have the cath done but if it wouldn’t hurt anything by waiting 6 weeks, I would like to try your Chelation. He said I could, but it wouldn’t do anything.

So after your 6 week program I went yesterday to have my heart catheterization. Low and behold there was absolutely no blockage whatsoever. He said the prior stress tests must have been false positives! Haa haa, yea right. I am going to be ordering more Cardio Renew shortly and stay on your Maintenance Program. Thanks so much for your great product. I really think it kept me from having angioplasty done or having to have a stent put in.Thanks again!
Kerry D.