I am a 55 year old woman who has taken many steps to retain & improve my health for decades, including regular exercise, weight control, top research & dietary supplements & advanced chiropractic care. I almost always feel well & rarely have symptoms of illness & yet a routine Carotid (veins in the neck leading to the brain) ultrasound test revealed I had 45-50% plaque blockage in my left carotid vein & 25-30% in my right vein…. I was not only shocked but frightened!

I am grateful my remarkably advanced Chiropractic Dr. recommended I immediately start taking CardioRenew oral Chelation drops to deplaque my body. I took the standard 6 wk program first then  repeated the same plan shortly after.

I repeated my Carotid ultrasound test & discovered the plaque reduction to be remarkably dramatic & miraculous!..

My left carotid vein which had been 45-50% blocked is now 5-10% blocked & my right vein which was 25-30% blkd shows 0% blockage! The Radiologist’s report says, “No evidence of internal carotid artery stenosis” (blockage)! And if this is not impressive enough, my father sadly died of a massive heart attack, with 90-95% heart vein blockage at only 72 yrs of age, therefore I decided to have a heart CT Scan, (detailed x-ray) to ck the % of calcium deposits present in my heart, (the higher the % of cal. the higher the % of plaque..).

This test result came back showing I have 0% calcium deposits in my heart veins! A remarkably low score for someone my age! CardioRenew is easy to take & deplaques the entire body safely, painlessly & symptom free.

Thanks to your product my cardiovascular system is now in excellent condition & I have every reason to believe I will be able to control the future condition of this crucial system with periodic doses of CardioRenew’s Chelation drops! Thank you & keep up your profound work to educate the public about the non-invasive way to greatly improve our health by deplaquing our cardiovascular systems.
Sharon HB