What is Chelation Therapy used for?

Chelation therapy is for the removal of excess toxic metals from the body, also known as heavy metal chelation. It is also used for the removal of calcium and plaque build up in veins and arteries.

So how does Chelation Therapy do this?

When EDTA enters the body it binds to heavy toxic metals and leaches the calcium out by dissolving it. This process does not cause calcium to break off but instead dissolve, it softens the hardened plaque and cholesterol and passes the chelated material out of your body through the urine.


Is Chelation Therapy safe?

Yes, EDTA is an Amino acid and totally compatible to our bodies.

How do you administer it?

The recognized administration procedure for EDTA Chelation Therapy has until recently been by an IV Drip, it usually takes around three hours per session and 30 sessions are generally required for this method.

EDTA Chelation Therapy is now available in the form of, suppositories, pills or capsules.

Liquid Chelation Therapy has the greatest absorption rate of up to 98%, this method is the most comparable to the IV drip method.

Of the various forms available EDTA is the only one that has been used to reverse the effects of arterial plaque, in fact it has been used, mainly in the USA for over 50 years.

Other benefits of Chelation Therapy

There are many benefits in Chelation Therapy apart from the obvious of preventing strokes, and heart attacks. Many people suddenly realise that after taking the liquid EDTA that there are also other improvements in their life and bodily functions.

Added Calcium

Calcium should not be added to the formula, EDTA is taken to remove calcium from the plaque in the arteries, veins and tissue where is does not belong, so if calcium is mixed with the formula then it will fight against it and not remove the excess as needed. If Calcium is added then the EDTA simply becomes as any other chelators and will only remove heavy metal toxicity. Check that the formula you take does not have added Calcium.

Chelation Therapy – Absorption Rate

The success of a Chelation Therapy course is to the due absorption rate, the higher the absorption rate the better.

The absorption rate of Chelation pills is at best 20%, studies have shown that the pill absorption rate is can be anything between 2 and 20%.

The absorption rate of EDTA Chelation liquid is up to 98% so obviously you would have to take a lot more pills over a period of time to equal the absorption rate of liquid.

IV Chelation Therapy has an absorption rate of 100% however the costs, time involved together with finding a practitioner in the first place is totally impractical compared to the Liquid.

More and more doctors are eventually turning to Chelation therapy to help heart patients in staying healthy.

Liquid Chelation Therapy Treatments

Liquid Oral EDTA Chelation Therapy is the most inexpensive and effective form of Chelation treatment available today. It is taken orally and can be purchased without a Doctor’s prescription.

A few drops of the liquid EDTA is mixed with drinking water or juice, it is easy to take and easily absorbed. Unlike EDTA chelation treatments involving IV drip, which can last around six months, liquid EDTA from Cardio Renew Chelation Therapy takes only six weeks to take effect and clean your veins and arteries.

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