Red Wine and Heart Health

Red Wine is Good For Your Heart

It has been shown that one to three ounces of alcohol per day can greatly reduce the risk of heart attack and that red wine could help against any further heart attacks if you have already had one. The Flavonoid Phenolics,  Antioxidants and Resveratrol present in red wine are thought to be responsible.

Resveratrol in Red Wine

Resveratrol which is found in grape skins is thought to increase HDL cholesterol levels and prevent blood clotting. Flavonoids also have antioxidant properties and can help prevent both blood clotting and plaque forming in arteries.

However if you have a problem with alcohol or high blood pressure it is not recommended to start drinking alcohol but you could take a Resveratrol supplement, otherwise it is safe to assume that you can have one alcoholic drink a day, so why not make it red wine.

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