Olive Oil is Beneficial to your Heart

Choose Olive Oil Against Butter or Margarine

Everyone should be using Olive Oil wherever possible as it will lower your (bad) LDL cholesterol and raise your (good)Bottles of Olive Oil HDL cholesterol.

Being naturally rich in antioxidants it can also help reduce the risk of Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Try to use it instead of butter or margarine, drizzle it on salads or on bread, it makes very good Garlic bread and is a lot healthier than butter, use it to replace vegetable oil in baking wherever possible.

Olive Oil After taste

If you have childhood memories of going on holiday abroad where they used to fry everything in Olive oil where it had a strong after taste then try it again, that aftertaste has marginally gone with refinement on most of the commercially available Olive oils. The cold-pressed Extra Virgin has more Antioxidants so is better for you than the others, however if you still find the Extra Virgin too strong then go for the 2nd or 3rd press to start with. Even if you choose to stay with the 2nd or 3rd press it will be a whole lot better for your heart than butter or other vegetable oils.

While Olive oil has proven health benefits if you must use a spread then try to forget about butter, instead choose a spread with cholesterol lowering sterols such as Flora. It has been proven that by adding these plant compounds to your diet you can help lower your total cholesterol by up to 10% and often in a couple of weeks, just give it a try!

2 thoughts on “Olive Oil is Beneficial to your Heart

  1. This is totally true about childhood memories of olive oil, I remember going to Spain with my parents in the 60’s and fried eggs swimming in awful tasting green olive oil, now I wouldnt be without it!!! Thanks for the post.

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