Go for Juice to Detox

Homemade Juice is Great For Detox

Homemade juice recipes are a great way for overall detoxification and removal of toxic heavy metals. Juice certainlyJuice to detox has some advantages, but let’s be clear here, juice should never totally replace eating whole fruit and vegetables. The reason for this is that juicing removes fiber from fruit and vegetables and fiber is important for keeping us regular. If we do not have enough fiber in the diet then the colon can become sluggish and toxins can be re-absorbed into the blood stream before they have a chance to be removed.

On the plus side juicing excels in the amount of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that it can deliver in just one drink, much easier to take. Carrot juice for example would need around 8 to 10 large carrots to produce one glass of juice, what would you prefer eating 10 carrots or drink one glass of juice? Research has found that juices taken without meals are more effective at aiding the liver in the detoxification process, this is thought to be because the liver doesn’t have the job of detoxification both the meal and the juice at once.

When making your own juice at home there’s a couple of  things to consider. Aim to get  organic fruit and veg if you can as pesticides used in non organic farming methods contain toxic heavy metals like lead and arsenic and a lot more harmful chemicals, OUCH! If it isn’t possible to buy organic foods then be sure to peel them as the skins of fruits and vegetables are where most of the pesticides hide out. Another important factor is to drink the juice straight away after juicing as the longer it sits around the more the nutrition dies off, over time it becomes oxidized due to air exposure.

Juice Recipes

You can easily make these at home, these recipes include the fruit and vegetables that are an excellent aid for both detoxification and chelation.

Vegetable Detox Juice Recipe
6 carrots
3 cups of cilantro
2 cloves of garlic
2 cups of broccoli heads
¼ an apple (to sweeten)

Fruit Detox Juice
¼ of an average sized watermelon
1 clove of garlic
1inch piece of ginger

Smoothie Detox
1 cup of blueberries
1 cup of blackberries
1 oz of water
a few ice cubes
1 scoop of vanilla or plain whey protein powder

This recipe is best suited to a blender and not a juicing machine as it allows to add amino acid to the mixture by using the whey protein powder. Berries are an excellent source of vitamin A and C and blackberries have the added advantage of being a high source of vitamin E too.

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