Cut Back on Sugar!

Cut back on your sugar intake!

Just cut back to start with,  no need to cut it out!

If you consume more than 74g of added fructose a day which is about two to three soft drinks you are 87% more likely to have a higher blood pressure than people who take less, according to a recent study.

Researchers believe excess fructose/sugar may reduce the production of nitric oxide, which is a gas that helps blood vessels dilate and relax. But here are some comparisons and shocking facts.

White table sugar has a GI of 65, and a GL of 65. In other words, a GI or GL of 65 is sufficient to generate the undesirable blood effects that sugar has. Now lets compare this to what we believe are some healthy foods.

Rice Krispies. The GI of Rice Krispies cereal is 82, higher than table sugar, GL is 72, also higher.
Corn Flakes. Corn Flakes have a GI 81 and a GL 70, also higher than sugar.
Rice Cakes. Many people on diets use these to quell hunger, GI 78, GL 64.
Shredded Wheat.  This cereal has a  GI 75, GL 62.

All of the foods above with GI’s and GL’s that equal or exceed table sugar are made with either wheat, cornstarch, or rice starch.

Some, such as Shredded Wheat and rice cakes don’t even have any added sugar. The effects of raising blood sugar together with cholesterol distorting effects are in the absence of added sugar. This is due to the wheat, cornstarch or rice starch alone.

Some of these foods even bear “heart healthy” claims.  This came about because in the past, low fat was associated with a “heart healthy” and resulted in manufacturers claims.

There are hundreds of processed foods that promote this claim despite the flagrant sugar damaging effects. The sad part is that when most people have a bowl of this cereal what’s the first thing they do? – Sprinkle on the sugar!

Think about it!

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